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Fankfurt a.M. & Bad Homburg v.d.H. up to my 21 age, first residence (double first country citizenry) I am 2x official (civil servant for live, one since my birth, on eis untouchable) (??? Without status informatics ???)

Dipl. Gemology / 20 years Bookseller - modern Antiquariat ///// Qualified: 5 years school industrial and retail trade Merchant for clocks and jewels ( I love th...e network planning technique ) 3 years // Lighting, Kamara stage particularly industrial film and publicity film // between the film projects: 2 years electrical installation // 2 years PANAM & Dan-Air - TXL airport ground personnel I can drive everything on weels, and I know each and every angle in an airplane. the best was Concorde from the inside // showservice: lighting

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my artwork ......
some examples once Customised for Ebay
I have just 35,000 data sets with Book descriptions
in HTML and 70,000 photos of books !!!
newly instaled on my computer
I have minimum 10,000 datasets with the attacks on my computer
lost in the course of the last 6 years

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