Sinn - IT mit Emotion aka Holger Sinn

Schwarzwaldstrasse 91, 75173 Pforzheim, Deutschland

ich bin Holger Sinn und von Beruf Fachinformatiker/Anwendungsentwicklung.
Zur Lehre ging ich bei Macromedia und Armin Bleiholder Softwareentwicklung & Beratung.

Schon früh fand ich das Web faszinierend und wollte mehr darüber wissen. Zwischenzeitlich habe ich 15 Jahre Berufspraxis und noch 2 Semester Abendstudium vor mir. Dann erhalte ich meinen Titel Bachelor of Science in Computerscience.

Meine Hobbys sind Musik und alles was mit Geschwindigkeit zu tun hat.

Holger Sinn is also an electronic dance music producer from Germany. Born in Pforzheim. His music career started in the eighties as a part of a speed metal band called Destroyer, where he played E-Guitar and he was also Singer.


Software Engineer:

I have had a passion for IT since an early age, disassembling computers and investigating the functioning of systems. I am therefore a self-taught and eager learner, who strives to find solutions and succeeds without letting any obstacle stop me.
In 2002 i had the change to make my passion to a job at Macromedia where i learned Software Engineering.
An enthusiastic and self-motivated team player, always open for challenge and fast at learning new things, with fast experience working in fast paced environments, it was a honor for me to do projects like thoose shown on the following sites. My ability to keep calm and optimistic as well as trouble-shooting in worst-case scenarios are my key strengths.

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